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  • Xray photo of Ventral Harp Shell, Harpa ventricosa. Family Harpidae
  • This is an Xray photo of the Northern Sea House, Hippocampus erectus, also called lined sea horse, and was once called Hippocampus hudsonius. It's also called the spotted seahorse. It is a species of fish that belongs to the Syngnathidae family.
  • Xray photo of Spider Conch, Lambis lambis, Family Strombidae, the true conchs
  • Xray photo of Ficus ficus, Fig Shell found along the eastern coast of North Americia from North Carolina to the Gulf of Mexico. Family Ficadae
  • Xray photo of channeled whelk, Busycotypus canaliculatus, previously known as Busycon canaliculatum  belonging to the family Buccinidae.

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